Friday, July 24, 2009

Well It was nice to have a friday off this week (never does happen a lot). I was able to go walk down ruston way with my best mate Erienne. I saw quite the scenery today. These two gals were sitting very quietly, not even talking, but just looking peacfully out at the water with some wicked masks on. I had to join in and strike a pose with these strangers (What can I say, i have my fathers instincts.)
Some love rocks i found on the shore.

The ship.

Cool shell/stone art

Dead Jelly fish.

My best mate Erienne with her new pup.

Some cool para gliders.

Oh and we can't forget about the guy that rollerblades down at the water front.


  1. Ambabe,

    I love you sooooo much. I think your the best ever!!

    Keep posting!

  2. Looks like a fun afternoon. Were you down at Bainbridge or someplace else?

  3. im pretty sure those two in masks are jasrael and an asian girl. like 96% sure.

  4. yeah it was jasrael and some other chick i found out later, because matt was laughing at erienne and i saying 3 of my ex girlfriends should never be that close again.

  5. Beautiful - love the shells and the heart shaped stones.